Custom Picture Framing

Custom Picture Framing, Canvas Stretching, Art installation


Located in the CoRK Arts District, Avondale Artworks provides custom picture framing for residential and commercial clients.


Custom picture framing means creating frames individually, to fit the needs of the artwork and the client.


We are owner operated and perform all picture framing services on-site in our studio at 2689 Rosselle Street.


Our framing focuses on providing conservation grade framing products and practices, meaning we work to provide long-term protection for your artwork, using acid-free materials and glazing products that protect against damaging UV light.


Whether your artwork is a poster or print, a child’s artwork, diplomas, newsclippings, keepsakes, heirlooms, rugs, flags, coins, or artwork by Matisse, Picasso, Renoir, or Dali, we’ve framed them all, and can help with your framing needs!


In addition to custom picture framing, we also install artwork, build custom painting surfaces in wood, canvas, and metal, and re-stretch artworks on canvas.


If we can help, please call today to schedule an appointment at 904-716-3117.  Why do we ask you to schedule an appointment?  Simply put, we value your time and want to be able to provide undivided attention to your framing project without unnecessary interruptions.

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